Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions – London International Biodanza Festival

1. Please note that drugs and alcohol are not permitted on the campus of Emerson College. Having said that I’ve been told that a quiet drink is not a problem. No smoking is allowed within buildings.

2. Some staff have to wake up very early to get things ready for us, so we are asked to keep the noise down after 10pm-yes, early I know.

3. I have to pay a 20% deposit on the costs of accommodation-both rooms and camping spaces, food, hire of Emerson premises, a year ahead, which is quite a significant amount, amounting into the £1000’s. It is a risk I take, as I love Biodanza and want to see it flourish. I stand to loose the deposit if not enough people turn up, or there are cancellations. For this reason, if you have to cancel, I require that you find a replacement for your place at Emerson, and arrange to be paid by them for your room/camping space.

With many thanks in advance, and I hope it doesn’t happen that you need to cancel.

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