Tai Chi , Biodanza and Qigong Classes

The First London International Biodanza Festival

I am inviting you to attend another milestone in the UK’s Biodanza history. For years I have envisaged a London Biodanza festival to serve the largest number of Biodanza participants in the country-those in and around London.

It is my inspiration and joy to present to you our venue for this new festival- the Emerson College, based on the work of two mystics, Ralph Waldo Emerson and Rudolf Steiner. It is surrounded by many acres of gardens and woods, some of which maybe used for our vivencias, weather permitting. The food is beyond Organic- it is Biodynamic and mostly grown onsite.


The accommodation is not in dormitories as many venues are. Your accommodation will be mainly in single rooms. There are a few double rooms, but unless you book very soon those will be gone. Camping is also available (and cheaper of course!).

Book now if you want a room on campus!

I have so far invited Alejandra Villegas, Director of the Biodanza schools of Riga in Lativia and Leipzig, Germany and she will be attending. She has been involved with teaching and researching Biodanza for 20 years. She will be leading vivencias and do a research presentation. Nataraj has been invited as well as Ricardo Toro Duran, son of Rolando Toro Araneda, the creator of Biodanza. Ricardo is the Director of the school of Carcassonne in France. We will cater for beginners (so do invite your interested friends) as well as advanced vivenicas. For this event we are limited to 70 participants. If you want to ‘be in’  book soon. Already double and twin rooms are no longer available. There are still a few single rooms and camping available.

  • Arrive from 3 pm, 11 August to 3pm, 13 August 2017 at Emerson College, Forest Row.
  • We begin with dinner at 6.15 pm. They ask everyone to arrive for meals at the same time. We will have a whole group vivencia later.

Cost: Early bird discount (by 31st March) will be £237, full board in single rooms, and £187 for campers.
Before 31st May £257/£207.
After 1st June £270/217 respectively.
Payments via your bank or BACS (online transfer) to:

Name: A de Almeida
Sort code
Acct 00460306

It is an advantage for everyone if the bookings are made early, because we can all have a greater variety of vivencias!

On Saturday afternoon, those entrepreneurs amongst you can have a stall to sell whatever you like-clothes, jewellery, paintings etc Please contact me for details, nearer the time.

Enquiries: Please ring or email Altair here.

New Qigong + Tai Chi Classes – Let go of stress, the Easy way

Regain: Vitality, Stamina, Strength, Calm, Improved Health and Balance

For details of Tai Chi Classes please click here.

Biodanza classes in Worcestershire Discover the REAL you!

Enjoy the amazing dance-based system that improves your relationships, self-confidence, and joy of life, the pleasurable way!

For more details of Biodanza Classes please click here.

Cost: Early bird discount (by 30th April) will be £277, for full board and retreat. Limited to 18 partcipants.

After 30th April £297. Please book early to ensure your space.
Payments via your bank or BACS (online transfer) to:

Name: A de Almeida

Sort code


Account :39612872

IBAN:GB77 NAIA 0701 1639612872

Lake District Retreat

Biodanza and Angelic weekend Retreat in the beautiful Malvern Hills.

To be arranged. Please register your interest.

Theme: Deepening Bliss in your Life!

The Malvern Hills is an area as near to Paradise in the UK as any where else. I should know – I’ve chosen to live here for almost 30 years. It is one of nine special areas of outstanding natural beauty in the UK. (AONB).

You are welcome for the whole weekend, starting with an Angelic session with Akushi Angel, each day, followed by a Biodanza session after a food break. You can attend one day if you want. However if you’ve never done Biodanza, you may only attend on the Saturday.

If you’re new to Biodanza, or Angel work you’re in for a special treat!

For more details about Biodanza click here

About the Angel Session:

Although usually unseen, Angels bring powerful and insightful messages to everyone, with compassion and grace.
This opens up the potential of our Divine Design here on Earth.
My pleasure is helping you connect with Angels NOW.
I can help you connect with your Angels immediately.
I have been working with Angels on behalf of others, picking up their Angelic presence for over 15 years.

Clear messages from Angelic realms are channeled intuitively for You.

This connects you with Your Inner Wisdom.

What is the result?
Clarity will come into all areas of your life: health, prosperity, career, creativity and relationships.
Joy and deep happiness will permeate Your Being

I will help you share your problems with the Angels who’ll guide you with particular support and positive solutions
Angels are extremely accurate and love to help.

For more details about my background , training etc. please go to:
Love and Rainbows
Rev. Akushi Angel

Venue: St. Peters Primary School, St. Peters Rd, Malvern, WR14 1QS

Cost: £127 for the weekend (Early Bird £97 before 15th March), or £67 per day. Early booking advised.

Spaces are limited  because of the nature of this specialised retreat.

B+B is not included and needs to be booked separately. Details below.

Sat – 1pm to 6.30pm
Sun – 11am to 4.30pm
Please note that times are approximate. We often give you more!
There is a food break after the first session each day. Please bring food to share, or for yourself

Your family is welcome to join you on the weekend, though, if need be, they can be walking/swimming while you attend the weekend retreat. This is a spectacular area to walk, so do bring your walking shoes. Nearby, within walking distance are  some of the most fabulous walking areas in the UK. It is a designated area of outstanding natural beauty (AONB).

To Pay by PayPal please clicks the links below. You can also pay via Bank transfer (BACS)
Cheques (in advance only) to: A. de Almeida, For BACS details or address for cheques please contact Altair

For B+B or rooms:

If there are 10 or more people willing to share rooms, 4 per small dormitory, the cost will be £20 each, otherwise go to the links below


Or try Trip Advisor, Malvern or go online.

Enquiries:  Altair: 07855 108 777 or 01684 562528

For more information contact Altair


For early bird bookings (by 15th March 2017) by PayPal (£97)

To pay by PayPal (£127)

To Book for one day only by PayPal £67

The London School Of Biodanza

affiliated with the International Biocentric Foundation (IBF)

Promoting profound self-development the pleasurable way, using Music and Dance (no steps to learn!)

The directors of the school, Pip Kennan, Altair De Almeida and Ruth Strupinski welcome you to our school weekends.

The sessions are mostly held on the second weekend of each month.

These amazing weekends are also open to those who would like to experience deeper sessions of Biodanza.

Dance into Bliss! – experience Biodanza

For more details go to www.biodanza-londonschool.co.uk

DanceintoBlissThumbDance Into Bliss with Biodanza

Raise funds for St Michaels Hospice, Herefordshire
Please click on the image or the link below for details of the session…..new dates to be confirmed

The paypal code for the class donation is below:


Beginners Tai Chi Classes – Tai Chi on Top of the Malverns

As seen on BBC TV
To view the article and video filmed for the BBC, on the Malvern Hills, please click the logo below to visit the BBC website

Altair has been training in Holistic Medicine for 40 years. An Acupuncturist, Biodanza, Qigong-TaiChi and Shiatsu teacher, he is passionate about sharing what he’s learned, to improve the wellbeing of others. Over the last 35 years, he has trained with 4 lineage Masters of TaiChi and Qigong, and has taught Tai Chi classes internationally.

He was made an Honorary Vice President of the Tai Chi Union of GB in 2009, for services to the community.